Your modem is stuck in a loop; turning on, connecting, turning off and starting over again. You may experience some connectivity, but it only lasts a matter of a few minutes.


Telstra statement

“Following disruption to some NBN voice and data services and ADSL services today, all services were restored just before 7pm EST this evening.

The issue we identified is extremely complex, but in simple terms there was a fault with the device that manages the interaction between our network and all of the different types of customer modems.

We understand this has been frustrating for affected customers and we will be providing them with some additional data.”

Leaked Telstra memo

Problem is caused by “…a large number of reconnection attempts from customer modems…”


If you own a Telstra modem the solution to the problem may be as simple as resetting your modem to factory settings and restarting the device.

Step 1

Access your modem settings by visiting

You will need to visit the page above while you have temporary internet access. You may need to keep trying to visit the above address while the modem is going through its power cycles.

If you are asked for a login, the username should be admin and leave the password blank (unless you have previously defined a password, in which case use that).

Step 2

If you are in Basic view, select “Advanced”


Step 3

Select “Gateway”


Step 4

Click on the “Reset” button next to Factory Default

Once completed, click on the “Restart” button next to Restart Device


After applying the above, once your modem turns off and back on again your connection will hopefully be stable again. It worked for us!


Your modem may time out while performing the factory default reset, so you may need to attempt it again once your modem powers back up.

You will need to rename your WiFi network name and define your password if you had custom settings in place before the reset and restart. Any other custom settings you may have had in place will also need to be reconfigured after the factory reset.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any problems that may arise as a result of the fix proposed above. Try at your own risk.

Good luck!